• Palm kernel and beet pulp market – growing demand from industry professionals

    The “Palm Kernel and Bagasse Oil Market” study conducted by “” provides detailed information on market dynamics, market size, market segmentation and shadow coverage of the leading palm kernel and bagasse oil market players affecting the palm kernel and b...
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  • The bagasse tableware market will increase share, size, growth, demand and revenue at a 6.8% CAGR until 2031.

    In 2021, bagasse tableware market revenue is expected to grow by 4.3% year-over-year to reach US$1.95 billion. Demand for bagasse tableware will continue to grow and the top players will account for 25% to 30% of total bagasse tableware sales. Future Market Insights (FMI) predicts that the total ...
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  • What is degradable tableware

    What is degradable tableware

    Degradable tableware means that tableware can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of natural environment microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae) and enzymes, making the appearance mildewed, internal quality changes, and finally carbon dioxide and water are formed. Logo: The exterior su...
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  • How to identify the quality of degradable tableware

    How to identify the quality of degradable tableware

    Experts suggest that degradable tableware can be identified by the “look, smell, and tear” method: At first glance, first look at the logo and number of QS on the lunch box; secondly, see whether the surface of the lunch box is smooth, with or without impurities or black spots. Genera...
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  • What is a degradable lunch box? What are the main components of the degradable disposable lunch box?

    What is a degradable lunch box? What are the main components of the degradable disposable lunch box?

    Now that the country advocates environmental protection, takeaway merchants are gradually replacing ordinary disposable lunch boxes with degradable tableware to reduce takeaway pollution. So what is a degradable lunch box? What are the main components of the degradable disposable lunch box? Degra...
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  • Why Fiber Packaging Suddenly Rise?

    When most of the packaging industry enterprises still sink into the serious homogenization competition, the international environment is unstable, policy pressure is too big and other multiple difficulties, some of the leading enterprises in the industry have started a new layout, strides into th...
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  • Fiber Tableware Market Has Broad Prospects

    Fiber Tableware Market Has Broad Prospects

    China is one of the largest consumer markets of disposable tableware in the world. According to the statistics of 1997, the annual consumption of various disposable fast-food boxes (bowls) in China is about 10 billion, and the annual consumption of disposable drinking utensils such as instant dri...
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  • What are the Characteristics of Bagasse Pulp Bowl?

    For the catering industry, the choice of tableware is very important, especially in the take-away industry, because it is also common to affect the order quantity because the tableware is unhygienic. Many merchants use plastic tableware or foam tableware. Although we use these two kinds of tablew...
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  • What Are the Pulp Tableware?

    Now more and more environmentally friendly tableware, straw pulp tableware, sugar cane pulp tableware, straw pulp tableware, bamboo pulp tableware, and even kraft paper soup buckets, etc. In the environment of environmental protection tableware and the big market, many customers do not know to di...
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  • Visit PACKCON 2021 in Shanghai

    Visit PACKCON 2021 in Shanghai

    On July 14-16, 2021, the General Manager and other colleagues of Hongsheng visited the 3-day exhibition PACKCON 2021 in Shanghai as business visitors. The exhibition is a complete success with about 20,000 square meters area and more than 500 exhibitors. It attracts tens of thousands of high-qual...
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