Why Fiber Packaging Suddenly Rise?

When most of the packaging industry enterprises still sink into the serious homogenization competition, the international environment is unstable, policy pressure is too big and other multiple difficulties, some of the leading enterprises in the industry have started a new layout, strides into the field of plant fiber packaging.

In the serious packaging industry, the industry leader frequently aims at the strategic target of “plant fiber packaging” market, which is self-evident — plant fiber packaging has become a key breakthrough for enterprises in the industry to seek better development. Plant fiber packaging can be in the packaging industry, from the end user’s enthusiasm for its pursuit.

According to incomplete statistics, in the past two years, there have been more than 50 well-known terminal brands using plant fiber packaging. Include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, nestle, Mars and so on.

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The recognition of the terminal brand, the leading enterprises of the packaging industry chain, the support of the ban on plastic policy, the public’s pursuit of sustainable and green packaging. Multiple positive blessings make plant fiber packaging more competitive. The subsequent plant fiber packaging will undoubtedly usher in a golden period of development, and the long-term trend of plant fiber packaging industry will be clearly seen.

At present, plant fiber packaging industry accounts for a small proportion, the industry output value is only 100 billion level, but some institutions predict that in the next five years, plant fiber packaging will have hundreds of billions of market expansion space. More than 140 million tons of plastic are synthesized from petroleum every year in the world, and China’s output is about 8 million tons. As long as 1% of the products are replaced by plant fiber environmental protection materials, a huge industry can be formed.

Since the implementation of the policy of self-restraint and plastic restriction, a large number of biodegradable materials have emerged in China, and many problems have been encountered in the actual market, such as shortage of raw materials, high prices and no unified standards.

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Plant fiber packaging as a category of biodegradable packaging, although the raw material is not limited to a certain raw material, but also facing some application problems. For example, the treatment of natural aging of materials, further optimization of structural performance, improvement of interface performance, and research on the production process with lower cost, convenient and environmental protection, etc. Therefore, the plant fiber packaging industry pattern has not been determined, and the market is also full of variables.

Post time: Feb-21-2022